Coronavirus Update – Vassar Square


The previously announced changes to our daily activities (e.g. deep cleaning of common areas a touch-points, closures of: gym, library, party room) are still in force.  We strongly recommendation that residents avoid: large social gatherings, crowded elevators and laundry rooms are still in place.  Finally, if you have a primary residence that is not Vassar Square, local state and city recommendations include that you do not come to Ventnor or other sea-shore towns at this time.

Physical proximity raises the likelihood of infections being transmitted.  Remember, the Coronavirus infection can be asymptomatic.  You may not realize you have it, but you can still transmit it.  Out of an abundance of caution, while we are not aware of anyone, staff or residents, who is ill with the virus, we are acting to minimize in-person interactions between the staff and residents.

To maintain our necessary operations, but deal with the potential for the spread of the virus through a lack of “social distancing,” staff members will not have “in office” meetings during the Coronavirus emergency.

We also request that everyone avoid all non-essential visits to the front desk.  When such visits are necessary, please maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet.  All of our staff will continue to carry out their responsibilities with the utmost care to minimize the spread of the virus.  Your cooperation is necessary to achieve that goal.

These decisions have been made by the Board of Directors to help us maintain a safe and healthy environment for all of us.  We are all looking forward to the time when these policy changes can be eliminated.


Paul Snyderman, President of the Board of Directors,
Vassar Square Condo. Assoc.
215-913-1598 (mobile)

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Vassar Square is a luxury condominium building located directly on the Boardwalk and beach in Ventnor, New Jersey – minutes from the excitement offered all along the Jersey shore. You can choose to walk, bike, drive, or hop on a Jitney bus just feet from our door. Whether you prefer a quiet stroll on a winter beach or a glamorous meal at a casino, Vassar Square’s unique location is for you.

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